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Sales Training & Business System

Sell More Roofs   ⇔   Grow Your Business


Use field-proven systems

Train your entire sales team

Increase your revenue

Sales Reps

Learn how to sell roofs

Learn closing techniques

Close more (and bigger) deals

Save hundreds of hours! Learn from techniques and systems refined over 20 years of growing multi-million dollar roofing businesses.

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“Pay for training with one closed deal”

Roofing Sales Training System

Your blueprint for MASSIVE GROWTH

Train Your Entire Team

Professional video sales training on demand on any device

Roofing Life Sales Training Videos
Roofing Life Sales Training Videos
Roofing Life Sales Training Videos
Roofing Life Sales Training Videos
Roofing Life Sales Training Videos
Roofing Life Sales Training Videos

You Get 30+ Business Forms

Hiring • Sales Agreements • Contracts • Work Orders • Insurance • Scheduling • Warranties • Sales Training Manuals & Much More

Roofing Sales & Project Management Forms

What’s included in sales training?

The Sales Process

  • What is selling?
  • What we do
  • Powerful communication tactics

Achieve Massive Results

  • Set massive 10X goals
  • Convert goals to massive action
  • Always be filling your pipeline

Prospect Like A Champ

  • Knocking on doors
  • Closing the free roof inspection
  • Domination strategies

How To Stay Organized

  • Great communication
  • Managing your time

Closing Techniques

  • Before the close
  • Closing in person
  • Handling objections

The Referral Machine

  • How to get referrals
  • The customer referral machine

Inspections & Insurance

  • How to inspect for hail damage
  • The claims process

Be A Followup Machine

  • The value of follow-up
  • How to follow-up

60+ Video Lessons

  • Track your progress
  • Go back & review any course

Lesson List Example

Roofing Life U Lesson Sample

Watch Sample Videos

In 2014 Upstate New York was rocked with a F3 Tornado and hail in excess of 4 inches!

As a local company new to the storm damage industry, we were excited to get the per square rate the national catastrophe teams were freely offering.

That was until we learned that Justin and his team were getting 50% more $ on the same claims AND at least double the squares/items covered!

We decided to ask how; it changed the way we do business! We were already doing the work and paying NYS buckets of money for the privilege, why not bring home more money while helping homeowners maximize their claims?

Damon Mletzko

Shield General Contracting, LLC

Justin introduced me to a ton of new technology I didn’t even know existed in the roofing business.

Matt Troyer

Salesman/Owner, Roof Right Restoration

Justin has motivated and helped me to do so many things. He has always kept his word and is always taking care of the people he’s working with.

Erin Renfro

Sales Manager, Roofing Life

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